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[16 Dec 2007|01:50am]

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Two Sided [11 Dec 2007|10:41pm]
No good mornings.

I am not myself. I am drifting into space for the past few days and just recently I am no longer comfortable with what is going on: which is I don’t really know what’s going on and I have to put some thought into getting myself organized. Sorry to everyone – I am really somewhere else right now… sorry.

I joined our photography group’s basic workshop and it was an eye opener. I was doing expressive photography since I was in high school. When I mean expressive, I mean “when I feel like it” photography. And I got my share of good shots and bad ones but I have never really taken it to the next level. The first day of the workshop was very informative for me - from reinforcing stuff that I already know as well as new learns on techniques and terminologies (which I still have to absorb thoroughly). We had a shootout last Saturday in UP to apply the stuff in classroom training as well as get some fresh air and exercise. A while ago was a class on portraits and a recap of the whole thing. All in all, much thanks to the organizers and to my teammates – congratulations to our team leader Pat who won the best shot of the breakout session!

I got best in symmetry with this one:

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[11 Nov 2007|02:03pm]
Been busy - uploading pictures.
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In Line [15 Oct 2007|08:15am]

This is long overdue. I lined up for tickets of the final ADMU-DLSU game in Araneta hoping to get good seats. It was 5:00am. I was with Chris and we left the office only to arrive and see an already long line of people. We were number 400 something.

I am not really a big UAAP enthusiast compared to people I know who are dire hard devotees and who can lecture me on what a true fan really is. I actually lined up for the heck of it, to accompany my friend and to find something to write about since my life has been getting less exciting. You really wouldn’t want to read about me and my search for the best Katsudon would you?

Anyway, there were 2 types of people who line up for these tickets that morning. First were the basketball fans. Basketball is the biggest sport in the Philippines and I really don’t understand why because we are not ergonomically attuned for this sport – perhaps it’s because of the fast pace and excitement. Most basketball fans lined up were from rival universities of course - but there are others, who share the love of the game or are the biggest Chris Tiu groupies. Scalpers were the other type of people lined up. And unlike basketball fans they just want to take advantage of the situation by reselling their ticket 5 times the initial price they bought the ticket. Oh yeah, alongside the scalpers? Are 8 of the scalpers children – talk about the definition of the word horde. Don’t get me started on the heavy dense atmosphere.

During games like this, the fans face the difficulty of acquiring tickets. The problem here is that, of course, each person has a right to buy tickets –Araneta Center cannot make the selling of tickets exclusive to whatever class of society. I guess it really boils down to poverty as lower class country persons make this a living. And that the country cannot provide proper jobs and careers. The line that morning was like lining up for Wowowee or lining up for free vaccination.
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Don't Forget [15 Oct 2007|12:23am]
I woke up Friday afternoon. I was surprised to see everyone at home. I forgot it was a holiday – there weren’t as much cars during my morning jog. I left everyone at home. I met up with a couple of my teammates to watch Stardust, but we had to split up right after the movie. I was hoping that we would have dinner though. But everyone had to go their own may, and mine was toward the office. I was the only one on shift that night.

After being in this schedule for a more than 4 months this year, I should more or less be used to being detached from the world and that remoteness is nothing new. On the first few months I was in the night shift, I get to talk my friends in the US as well as other night owl officemates from other teams. We get to share random ideas over a meal of conveniently delivered fast food. But about a month ago, the entire team moved to a new floor – it’s a much better workplace and near the window area with a nice view of the nearby malls. Unfortunately there seem less people at night here.

After setting up at my workstation and taking a quick nap, I decided to grab dinner. I thought of whether I will be taking out or dinning in. It took a while deciding since I really hate taking up a table for two or four in a restaurant and there’s a party of that number waiting to be seated. Since I wanted pasta, I went to Green Tomato. I thought eating alone is no big deal because I have done this countless times. But that night, I felt embarrassed to be seen – I was seated near the outer part of the store so I asked to be moved inside and nearer the counter which was hidden compared to where I was first seated. That was one of the quickest meals I have ever had in a long time. It’s like finishing your food because your school bus has arrived. I guess I took lunch/dinner outs for granted. Aside from the food consumed, what also mattered were the company of friends and the exchange of stories and experiences. And I was not able to do that.

Isolation made me bored. Initially I thought of nonsense things when I got back to the office after dinner. I thought of things that I should’ve brought to kill time and make me think less. I wish I borrowed my uncle’s putter so I can practice my (inexistent) golf swing on the new office carpet. I let my imagination wander off thinking about shoes and office clothes I needed to buy among other things. I should’ve bought peanut butter chocolate since the coffee and brownie I took out didn’t please me. I recalled on the movie I just watched – on how I wished to have some kind of fairytale in my life and live happily ever after, but that’s too far fetched. My mind’s chain of thought kept linking and linking weird, trivial and even hopeful thoughts - thoughts that I was surprised to even think about.

I was conveniently disturbed by one of my friends over online messenger. We talked about the plans for next Saturday’s party. I should be happy for these parties but I end up disappointed because only a handful of my friends go. The usual no shows probably forgot everything that we’ve gone through in college that seeing each other once again is worth nothing.

Isolation took me places. From the nonsense ideas and anti-boredom tools, I thought of being somewhere else – anywhere but here. I spent most of the time in the office or at home – I can’t really be blamed for hoping to be elsewhere. I wished I was in Metrowalk where I can grab a couple of cold ones and just goof around and enjoy the stress-free atmosphere. I imagined chilling in a club or watching a gig – I can still recall the last time I went to these. I thoughts ventured further to going to a beach and watching a sunset – pretty cliché, but I haven’t done this in a while. I’d enjoy the gentle sea breeze and capture whatever moments I can with my camera. Yeah, the beach would be sweet.

My teamlead interrupted my wandering/traveling and gave me a few pointers on the store project I was checking. I spent quite some time figuring out the error that I have been getting and I realized that I could’ve fixed this sooner if there was someone I can consult this with. But figuring out things on my own wasn’t half as bad.

Isolation cleared my head. Do you ever get those visions that there’s nothing but you in a vast white space? I pictured the white space and replaced it with any destination I wanted: from the office, to my house, to any beach, to even some place specific like New York or Paris (where I haven’t been to, but seen thanks to travel books). I realized that it really doesn’t matter where I was as long as It was with someone I wanted to be with. Spending time with someone sharing the same wavelength was what I desired more than stuff that can kill time or places I can visit. I yearned to be with someone I can really talk to and share my disoriented thoughts but still understand what I was trying to express.

Being isolated from the rest of the world does not just mean that I experience the rest of the world less, but also the world experiences me less. And that maybe as the world hears less and less of me, I am soon no longer a part of it and forgotten.
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[01 Oct 2007|04:52pm]

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[16 Sep 2007|04:56am]
I ran out of things to write.
Ask me how my weekend was.
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Just to Make Things Worse [13 Sep 2007|11:47pm]

I was surprised to receive a call last Friday morning when I got home from work from a close friend. She needed some artwork done and was hoping that I would accept the favors – which I did. I slept a couple of hours and headed to their office in Makati. I woke up very cloud-headed as I can feel that my motor skills are not keeping up with the actions my brain has visualized. I took the MRT and squeezed into the morning rush – which I am no longer used to since I have been going to/leaving work at non-peak hours of the day. The cart I was in was too dense that after a couple of stops I realized that my cellphone is no longer in my pocket. After checking so many times as I have doubted my senses, I finally accepted that my cheap ass paperweight phone is in the hands of another person. Just like losing my wallet – I felt much disoriented.

I find this weird. All my luck (for non-Christians) and blessings (for Believers) seemed to abandon me – I was like a walking jinx. I misplaced my wallet, I was not motivated to work, I had communication concerns at home, I was so burned out that I desperately need a vacation, and now this. Well, its not that I have never experienced anything good for the last weeks – I mean, I’m not living in a dump or confined in an asylum or having a bad bulate episode. There are much brighter sides that I experienced (in fact, I have been happy still – sunset moment happy). It’s just that the turn of events bothered me.

That night, I arrived at the office very abruptly and I was feeling very uncomfortable. I was definitely not in the mood to work at all, so I joined my teammates on that evening’s bingo nite. I only bought one ticket for the sake of joining – but ended up winning the jackpot price in the blackout bingo. I won a 2.1 speaker set with just 1 bingo ticket – I guess my fate took a turn to a better direction.

Right now, I am much more back at my feet in terms of work – as I have started stepping up. I still get to draw once in a while and do some artsy projects. I get to exercise much regularly than before and this is one habit I am most proud of. I get to talk to my family even though the time I spend with them is much less. And things are pretty steady in most aspects of my life. Yes, most – there’s still something missing.


My appreciation extends to everyone who's been reading and leaving comments (especially the meaningful comments) - I am most grateful. I look back and read my blog and your notes during the times that I have nothing to hold on to; and this really means alot. Thanks.
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[10 Sep 2007|01:51pm]

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Rock Bottom [05 Sep 2007|04:21am]
I am thankful that people have been looking over me lately as it is evident that I have not been very motivated to work and that I have been getting drained. I don’t mind if my teamlead reads this as she already knows that something has been bothering me lately – I told her during the last one-on-one we had. During the last coffeetalk (that’s what they call our monthly meetings), I was even given feedback that I have been off recently and now I was trying to figure out why on earth I am like this. The best advice that was given to me was to take a much needed vacation or a break – and yes, to those who have been telling me this for so many times in the past, I am very, very sorry for not listening.

I realized that I haven’t taken a break since my vacation after graduation. In between transferring jobs, I did not even mind taking a week off. My sad life has been career focused – and I have been teased a workaholic countless times (Thanks for the encouragement, guys! Tell me something I don’t know!). I guess everything added up inside me, right now, burned out.

Most people say that getting burned out is a psychological phase and that all you need is a change in mindset – right (sarcastic). Unfortunately, this mental drain is now affecting me physically as I have been getting tired easily that I get my stress attacks more often than usual – or does this have to do with my recent running? Which is weird because work has been really light compared to the past heavy month and yet I still feel worn out. I envy my other teammates: fresh grad, first job and top of the world – something I felt 3 years ago. I wish I can get that energy and passion.

I really need to set aside some time to sort things out or to unwind – especially since that I feel that all this nervous tension is getting bottled up. And I would like to avoid that day I explo*


Cargo: I have been taking pictures for about 10 years now and mostly my usage is for my multimedia post production abstract design stuff and taking pictures of my berks’ inuman berksday celebrations. Having a digital SLR is quite an expensive hobby – my teammate has already spent about P130K for a camera, 2 bags and 3 lenses (one is an L lens). I have a 350D and I feel that I haven’t been using it fully and thinking that I won’t be able to use it totally. Question: should Jonathan sell his 350D and by a pro-shooter? If yes, what pro-shooter should he buy?
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Letter to the Editor [04 Sep 2007|09:15pm]
I lost my wallet about a month ago and included in it are my ATM cards, my credit card and my LTO driver’s license. Among the three, the hardest to have replaced was my license – and why aren’t we all surprised? For the ATM and credit cards, all I had to do was call the hotlines to block the accounts and after reporting the incident, replacement cards were ready within the week. How come it cannot be the same for the license then? For this letter, I will discuss my experience in the LTO when I got my replacement card together with my feedback. Also I will talk about my recommendations on how the LTO can better the system.

I arrived at the LTO at around 8:45am which was relatively early – or so I thought. At the gate I was hounded by about 10 fixers – one was even proud to have an LTO ID to show that he was a legit LTO personnel. I was surprised that I entertained them, probably due to the fact that I had very difficult experiences in the past in getting both my student’s and non-pro licenses. So I told them my case that I lost my license and that I was there to get a replacement card. I followed the manong across the street where in front of their office (an elegant wooden stall) we talked about what I needed – an affidavit (which I already had) and (apparently) some other form to change my district because I got my license from the Pasig branch. He also told me that it will take me 3 days until I get my replacement card but he can speed up the process and all I had to do is pay P1500. I told him that I wouldn’t pay that much and all I can give him was P100. I left him disappointed – and this cheapskate proceeded on his own into the LTO compound.

I lined up to get an application form and a number – I was number 101. Then after, I waited for my number to come out so that I can submit my already accomplished form (the current number was 56). I find it weird that I need my number to be called just to submit something – I can’t really explain it, but don’t you find it weird? The waiting area was filled with people that when I left my seat just to photocopy my ID, I didn’t have a seat when I got back. I also realized that about ¼ of the people here were fixers. Just imagine the density of the people waiting and that only 4 normal electric fans were trying to make the atmosphere less uncomfortable. I waited until 10:30am just to give my form to window 4 (oh yeah, there are 2 window 4s – make sure you go to the correct one). Half an hour later, I was told to proceed to window 9 where in I have to show my affidavit to the evaluator. Window 9 did not have the luxury of a number system; it didn’t even have a luxury of a line. It was like trying to get into the MRT during rush hour. The chaos became a bit more orderly when all of us “lined up” in window 9 (not to mention a number of fixers trying to get their forms ahead from everyone else) piled up the forms in a first in first out system. Unlike a number of applicants, my form was fully accomplished and that it was accepted immediately. By then, it was around 12 noon and that the rest of my application will continue in the afternoon. After lunch, I had to wait for my name to be called for the photo. The PA system was pathetic – it was very unclear as it crackled as names were called. I really had to pay extra close attention to make sure that I my turn did not pass. This was the same for the window for payments and the card distribution. I received my card at around 2:30 in the afternoon. So it took 5 hours to check my papers, take my picture, accept my payment and release my card.

I first recommend that the LTO should do something about fixers. Fixers may make life easy for the individuals who can afford them – but, fixers are real evidences of corruption as internal LTO staff probably gets a cut in exchange for a speedier application. In fact, I saw right in front of my face, an employee receiving a nifty amount of cash from an individual who looked like a fixer. Fixers are a bunch of liars since I did not even see the other form that I “needed” and that I received my license within the day, not 3 days. Hey, there would not be a need of fixers if the LTO made their process or system more efficient, don’t you think? This leads me to my next suggestion: more LTO personnel = efficiency. Evidently more than 300 people visit the East Ave. LTO everyday and that this number can be best accommodated with man-power. The LTO office would need more staff to evaluate and record each application. I also suggest personnel to monitor the lines and even check the application forms of those who are lined up so that when the applicant arrives at the window, his/her form will not be rejected due to the missing blanks or improperly filled up items. Third, fix the damn PA system!

Since I doubt that the LTO will change their current system since they’re a bunch of losers, here are my recommendations if you have to get a replacement license. First, be there at 7:30am with the papers you need: affidavit of loss, photocopies of your IDs and an accomplished form downloaded online – but you can quickly get a form in the LTO compound anyway. Being there extra early is very worth it. Next, wear something comfortable and not anything flashy. If you look affluent, you will always be bothered by fixers. Third, bring something to pass the time; anything but a portable music player since you have to pay attention to the crappy PA system. Bring a book or a DS. And finally, bring a pen… and shitloads of patience.
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Product Review [02 Sep 2007|02:44pm]
Among all the magazines my brother buys every month, I really look forward to the tech magazine. Tech magazines usually have features of upcoming items, reviews of released products and articles on practical how-to’s. I was really disappointed with one of the product comparison reviews in an issue 2 months ago. The columnist did a comparison of the iPod and a Sony Ericsson mp3 phone. Comparing products should at least be in the same food group – meaning mp3 players should not really be compared to mp3 phones even if they have the word mp3 in it. Pricing, features and functionality would obviously differ thus causing the review to be ineffective.

Well, my opinion only.

I have had the Apple Nike+ for about 2 weeks now and I would have to say that I am a satisfied customer. For those who do not know, the Nike+ is a sensor that is placed into a shoe – this sensor works like an advanced pedometer. The data is then picked up by a receiver attached at the bottom slot of your iPod Nano (where you plug in your USB/power cable). The iPod then displays the data: how long you’ve been running, how far and your current pace. Unfortunately the contraption only works with the iPod Nano (I’m not sure if it now works with the video); and for it to work properly, a pair of Nike+ shoes is recommended.

The main difference in running with the pill (I call it the pill because it looks like one) and running without is the monitoring. I can now keep track on how many kilometers I jogged – as compared to just making sure I ran for 60 minutes. Further, I can see if I am improving as the iPod records all of my running sessions. Beyond the monitoring that I already mentioned, the Nike+ is also capable of uploading the data in their online database. Here I can view all your stats graphically – where you can better see if you are picking up the pace or snailing down. I can view the data by session or by week. In addition, I can compare my stats to all Nike+ users in the world – which could either motivate or depress me. And final extras: the Nike+ has a powersong function wherein I pre-select a song that will encourage me to speed up (like Eye of the Tiger or something), then in a click of a button, the song gets played.

The Nike+ is advised for running fans that jog on a regular basis – since it’s kinda pricey; if you’re not going to take it religiously, you’re better off without it.
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Squeeze Me [02 Sep 2007|06:44am]
It has been a long time since I wrote something in this blog – so much for trying to make blog writing a regular habit. So many things has happened in my life since then and I write once more (because of reasons – well, my close friends know what my mood is and why I start writing). So let me just put in a quick one; besides, I do not really want to bore you and I think I got rusty with my story-telling.

I was watching an interesting show in National Geographic this morning after a jog cut short due to a really painful right ankle. The show featured a hug shirt. I don’t know if there is anything online about this cuddle shirt but I will try to explain the contraption the best I can. Basically, the hug shirt is a long sleeved round neck where there are sensors located all over the cloth on where the hands are usually placed when you are hugged. Beneath these sensors are pads which (I think) inflate and heat up – this attempt to mimic how a real hug feels. What is even amazing about the hug shirt is its interface with the cellphone. You can send a hug over by embracing yourself – the sensors will then pick up the pressure and contact and transmit this over to your phone via bluetooth. You can then send this information to your partner and when he/she receives it (and is also wearing the hug shirt) he/she will receive and feel the hug that you sent.

So what?

I guess we neglect the power of a hug. Apparently people who experience hugs live longer than people who don’t. Cuddlers (inside joke to my college barkada - likes...) are observed to be much happier and healthier because hugs release hormones which relax; as compared to loners or single persons who are actually much more prone to heart attacks. Ouch, so much for being emo. So if you haven’t had a dosage yet, give a hug. Wrap you arms around someone you care about, give a gentle squeeze and hold each other close. Share the love – it’s good therapy.


I miss the feeling to have arms fits so perfect in an embrace that I wouldn’t want to ever let go.
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Lost And [29 Jul 2007|11:00pm]
8 years ago, I lost my appendix. I was in 3rd year high school and it was the 2nd month of the school year. I couldn’t sleep that night because of the excruciating pain in my stomach (lower right side to be exact). The next school day I was very unsettled because of the pain and lack of sleep. I visited the clinic where I was diagnosed with a mere stomach ache at first, but in my 2nd visit after barfing in front of the faculty entrance I was told that I was told that it was more serious and that I needed to get to the hospital. The doctors took off my appendix and I had 2 weeks of uncomfortable recovery. Not to mention the time that my barkada passed by the hospital for a visit because the soiree was near Capitol Med and they were all fed Wendy’s cheeseburgers and I had tasteless-tasteless lugaw.

Last night, I lost my wallet. What sucked about it is that I am not entirely sure where I misplaced it – probably in the cab I was riding. After the my self-lecture on responsibility and taking care of my things (which I heard once again from my parents after I told them about it), I felt very disoriented – too disoriented that I also lost my buzz. I didn’t really know what to do next – aside from saying sorry a lot for ruining the night.

It was difficult to actually pull myself together at first, but after I accepted that I won’t see my wallet again – I had to block my ATM and AMEX cards, which was surprisingly pretty easy since all I had to do is make a couple of phone calls. I was asked for my name and some information to verify my identity. After that, my accounts were blocked and I will have replacement cards ready by this week. Cool huh? I doubt that it will be the same for my driver’s license though (if you know the process for this, please put a comment entry).

I don’t usually carry a lot of cash, which is a good thing. More casualties last night were my MRT cards and GPass. I lost my 10% Fully Booked discount card, which I got after 10 Sandman paperbacks – this sucks because I haven’t been to the 5 floor branch in the Fort to use it. I also lost my Maxicare card, my AJWCC ID and my 1st year HS ID. My wallet is really thin and small since I only keep the essentials in it. Not like back in high school where you have tons of studio pictures, neoprints, memoraphilia from different high school fairs and plays you went to and even letters from your crushes – which really fatten your wallet.

It sucks that I can’t really purchase anything to make me feel better since I don’t have cash at the moment. But I was invited to watch The Simpson’s Movie which really made me feel much better (thank you!). What’s left for me, aside from the hassle of sorts, is to look at the brighter side that at least I didn’t lose anything else. But I’d rather get back the contents of my wallet than have an appendix transplant.
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Ear Candy [29 Jul 2007|08:00am]
About three years ago, I had coffee with one of my closest friends in a perfect rainy afternoon. It was 2 months after graduation; I came back from a vacation, got a job as a graphic artist and (for the last time I remember) I was happy.

I have a very interesting friendship with Sam. Aside from the fact that we never run out of things to talk about (especially that rainy coffee episode where we still had a lot to talk about even if we had a long phone call the night before) and that we have been very open. What I find very remarkable about Sam is that most of the pop culture: movies, books and music (most especially music) that I am into and that identify me as who I am have been mostly influenced by her.

I have always been surrounded by music. When I was small, I was melodied by parents’ turntables and cassettes. I remember playing the We Are the World album over and over. My brother had quite a collection as well which continued on until Compact Discs were invented. I recall the day my dad brought home our 1st CD player together with a couple of discs: The Beauty and the Beast Soundtrack and MC Hammer’s debut album Please Hammer Don’t Hurt ‘Em.

I always have a portable music player with me starting from my Sony Walkman which usually played The Cure’s Galore album and a hand-me-down Discman. I also had a MiniDisc player to which the technology never really took off. And finally, my present player is the iPod (which is becoming such a necessity to every person on the planet). These devices are getting smaller and smaller and do more than play music – they have their phonebooks, notes and even games. Nike incorporated a digital odometer to the Nano to better monitor your run.

Even if I have a rockstar brother, my friends also influenced my taste in music. I realized that I listen to all sorts of things from Rock to RnB and Pop music to even Techno and Dance (and don’t get me started on Emo, hehehe!). But I feel that there’s still a lot more to listen to (so send me your playlist - special thanks to Sam and Abby).

Thank you to everyone who has given me something to listen to. My ears will always be fed and never hear silence. And to the (sassy) girl in the rockshow, sorry I can’t make it to The Cure concert.
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Message in a Bottle [20 Jun 2007|04:58am]
It is unfortunate that kids these days do not know who Optimus Prime is; until they see the movie in a couple of weeks. There are a lot of advantages of growing up in the 80s since we had a different upbringing – I played on the streets and watched a lot of cartoons unlike kids who grew up with video games and a Cherifer overdose (all we had back then was Star rice). Technology has a lot to do with how generations differ. And since the Laserdisc, Memo Jazz pager, Iomega Zip drive and Sony MD all phased out, the cellphone on the other hand developed from an analogue, red LCD, monotone beeping communication device to a music and movie player, a mobile storage, a camera… and yes, you can still make a call with it.

The Good:
I bet everyone clutches their phone more than any other item each day. At the beginning of the day, we find out if there is anyone kind enough to greet us good morning – other than telecom advisories and promos. This brings me to my first point: this nifty pocket filler is the most convenient communication tool. You can reach out to practically anyone who has a phone – give them a call, an SMS or MMS. Everyday emergencies are now much less hassling. Remember the time when your carpool left you and you had to find a payphone that works? Or when you needed to tell someone you were going to meet in a mall that your car broke down? Next, the basic features like the phonebook, calendar and alarm clock - I can’t really remember the others; aid in our keeping things organized (good-bye magnetic fold out directories). Further, almost all mobile phones have a cheap-ass something megapixel camera. They are not as great as digital cams but it still gives you a chance to capture your memories and be a paparaz… err, photo-journalist. You can easily take a picture of the collision damage when you get yourself in a car accident. Moreover, most cellphones also have entertainment components such as java games and mp3/media players – very handy when you’re killing time: Shuttle arriving too late? Getting bored? Well, nowadays they place whatever feature they can in cellphones – wap browser, video conferencing, map applications … etc. But the bottom line is this: the greatest thing about cellphones is definitely its basic use, for as long as your phone is charged and you have a signal, you can be reached anywhere, anytime

The Bad:
For as long as your phone is charged and you have a signal, you can be reached anywhere, anytime. You practically have no excuse to hide from anyone. You can be disturbed at the worst possible time – especially when you’re stressed out and you get bothersome calls from the least liked people you know. Anybody from work can contact you the day you filed for a leave. Argh! Next, people get too attached to their phones that they use them while driving, praying in mass or watching a movie – usage leading to lack of respect and even danger. Which leads to the cellphone becoming an instant tool for annoying people – there are those who have irritating ring tones and message tones (especially that stray cat meow) and think they are cool – idiots. Years back (year 2000, I think), texting and receiving forwards was so common – but if you text impersonal messages, jokes and quotes to everybody in your phonebook until now (because you want people to reply and you are dying for some attention), you have got a grave problem. How about some effort of making your message more personal? And don’t get me started on chain text messages and rumors that the pope or president is dead. And, like any technology, old mobile phones become obsolete as newer, state of the art, ass-kicking models come out (compare the 5110 to the N95). The cellphone becomes a status symbol and a technological jewelry. If you’re the type who always want to belong in the scene (people who get orgasms just thinking about getting their hand on an iPhone)… you’re also in the line of sight of snatchers.

The Ugly:
I bet the person who created the T6 dictionary felt really pissed about this – the shortcutting of our writing; this leads a certain level of deterioration for the English language (for Tagalog even). But it is such a convenience 2 wryt msgs w such ltl e4t. I guess that’s fine since MS Word has a spellcheck. How can text lingo be ugly then? I think we at least know someone who texts like this: Kumusta na you? Or Sleep na me? SH*T! If you think it’s cute… honestly, I felt irritated just typing it. Seriously… (I don’t really want to expound on this)

Anyway, Thanks to all who pitched in for this entry. I know I could’ve talked about the businesses and jobs that mobile phone has provided or how stalkers text randomly and ask to be your textmate or even the radiation that gets in your brain. But thats going be too long to read - and it's long enough as it is.
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Wanna be a Supermodel [11 Jun 2007|02:09am]
To bad that you’re clueless.

Tyra Banks hosting Americas Next Top Model is way much better than her self titled show where she usually makes a big deal out of little things. She’s thinking of probably doing an Oprah or something. If you are surprised that I am talking about this it’s probably because I catch a lot of the re-runs during the day before I head off to work. So I end up watching whatever is on – don’t get me started on Date My Mom. Besides, Top Model is eye candy show and especially Search for the Next Doll (too bad, I was routing for Chelsea – she was a cutie).

Anyway, I really do not know how this topic popped up - to be frank, I picked it out of the air and thinking maybe I can make a conversation about it. I believe that everyone has considered, at least once in their lives, about doing some modeling or joining a beauty contest (congratulations to Ms. Philippines who won Miss Photogenic). Besides, modeling can be an additional career alongside your day job of being a programmer or an ad agent or entrepreneur. You can set aside some time for it beyond your boring and routine profession. Honestly, I have thought about it, but I also thought just a little further and realized that my body is not aesthetically made for modeling – I am not that tall nor do I have that look since you have to be all seductive and serious. On top of all that, I took the 5 peso depression machine in Mercury Drug – my body fat index was on the ceiling. So why even bother?

Fortunately, all hope is not lost. There is always doing some commercial or product modeling where you don’t have to be all beautiful. You just have to think about what manufactured goods you can show off. First I realized, I can’t do any cosmetic testimonial type commercials unlike one of my classmates in economics who just appeared for this facial wash (I think). Nor could I be a model for a hair product since it’s all over the place. Maybe I can pass for those tummy-ache gassy commercials. I can probably fake a bowel-stressed face or I can just eat something rotten before the shoot so I don’t have to act at all. Probably I can pull off an anti stress pill – I know I can be the before, stressed victim because everyone has seen me harassed with work.

Poster ads or print ads have a much higher success rate of being a model since it’s all about capturing a snapshot. And there are a lot of good photographers that can bring out the artwork in you and come up with a good composition – but there are exceptions like, about months ago, this huge billboard ad along Katipunan Ave. of a surfing term named clothing company. *ugh*

Would you consider doing a print ad for chicken feeds that will displayed on a large billboard along NLEX? You’d be holding a roster and dressed up all farmer-y.
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Drinking Game [04 Jun 2007|11:20am]
Movie nights became a more common occurrence for barkadas lately probably because of the convenience of DVDs – the fact that pirated copies are sold everywhere. Probably another reason why we do movie nights is because its cheaper and more comfortable compared to going out. You don’t need to buy overpriced booze and squeeze yourself into an unwelcoming crowd where instead you can buy some fine drinks and just chill in your living room (and it is much more fun to mix your own drinks and cook your own food). 

I remember browsing through a forwarded email or was it a website… I forgot. Anyway, it was about a
LOTR drinking game (there I found the damn link). You see, there’s a bunch of movie lines listed and the rule of the drinking game is basically when a movie line is said you take a shot. I think there are other drinking games like these; there’s probably a Star Wars version or something. LOTR is a wicked box office movie, but I am not a LOTR fan at all and I think Legolas is gay. If we do that drinking game, I would take a lot of shots on the first 15 minutes of the trilogy to get really drunk so that I can sleep the rest of it. 

What would be more fun: I had this idea when I was in Baguio with my bowling buddies. We were waiting for dinner and there wasn’t anything to watch – the cable channels there weren’t a lot. So we ended up watching a Piolo and Judy Ann movie in Cinema 1. Piolo was like an artist and Judy Ann was the two-timing girl - it's weird that I still remember this. Anyway, I was thinking of unscrewing the cap of Jagermeister and giving myself shots every cheesy line expressed and laugh my ass off – now that’s a drinking game. 

How about taking it to the next level then? I was with my drinking buddy last Friday and I met up with her spunky friends. We were thinking of buying a bottle of tequila or vodka and each of us would bring a shot glass and do the drinking game right in a movie house. Well that’s not a bad idea at all, as long as you can stash in the drink. Perhaps we can do this in those movie houses that no one goes to much (like Rob Pioneer). Also, one bottle wouldn’t be enough since these movies take cheesiness to much higher levels (some lines are so long that we’ll probably need to take 3 shots). 

If you want to join this adventure, leave me a message and let’s make a sched; or if you’re thinking of doing this yourself, I hope you wouldn’t mind if I tag along.


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First Impressions [03 Jun 2007|09:32pm]
It would be public service to write some sort of opening entry for this blog. Someone told me that I should some sort of introduction or entry to launch my blog. Bah! Fine.

I will make the entries here much different from what bloggers usually put in their journals. 

I will definitely try to prevent writing about my day: I woke up at 9am and was surprised to find out that our house help was out of the house and I had to force myself to cook breakfast. Now, I am not really a good cook – hell, all I can cook are eggs and hotdogs... no more of this stuff really. My life is boring as it is; I don’t think you guys want to hear that anyway (but if you do, let me know I would gladly send you a long email). But I don’t think that is really avoidable since most of what I will be writing come from insights from what happened to me during the day or night or when I wait for the sunrise. I will definitely not put any online tests like Which Simpsons’ Character are You? Or You are an Eighties Baby When… Not that these things aren’t entertaining at all or evidences that people who blog stuff like these lack the creativity to write anything original or maybe they are just in a lazy mood; It is more of that I would rather post something else – something with twisted substance. Let me put it this way, instead of writing movie reviews – going through the plot and each character, I would instead write about why we watch these kinds of films and why we enjoy them – and what we can do to enjoy them more. I’ll be placing my opinions, ideas and observations. Basically stuff we don’t usually think about because of how things are too real when you start working or become too busy. Of course I will be posting my rants and complains and be all emo. 

I am not a journalist so please forgive my grammatical errors, bad punctuation and faulty parallelisms (thank you for spell check). Nor am I a poet, I definitely have no class for words, so bear with it. I also type from the top of my head so this is simply chain of thought writing but with less nonsense, I hope. If you don’t mind, I’ll be posting my photographs and sketches to follow the tradition of my first blog, sketchfolio.livejournal.com.

Comments fuel my writing so please drop a note.

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Daily Soundtrack [31 May 2007|01:43am]

I really don’t like the band, but the song is pretty steady.

Unfortunately my PC broke down about a month ago and I haven't been able to rip any of my brother's new CDs. I have nothing really new to listen to but whatever is still chunked into my barely-working iPod mini. It has about less than 2 hours of batt life – so I don’t usually do my usual exercise for more than 2 hours. I no longer have that luxury of mobile sound-tripping and I am stuck with whatever soundtrack my surroundings provide me. There are 2:

I have been working night shift for the last three months. No one is really around at these ungodly hours except for a number of other officemates and contractors that I can usually still count with my fingers. The nice thing about working in a less densely populated office is that you can make all the noise you want except during conference calls. And our team’s contractor takes advantage of this. To put it frankly, he is quite old and so is his taste in music. His playlist consists of sappy love songs that you usually hear from the Radio Romance station (yes, back in high school, my barkada sings along these songs when we hang out). Being more specific, the songs like Sad to Belong, I’d Really Love to See You Tonight and How Deep is Your Love are some examples. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to listen to these things once in a while – but if your playlist consists of these, and only these and only 25 tracks of this genre and you loop it for four f***ing hours – you have got some serious issues my friend. Correct me here, but there is this unwritten law that when someone plays music on his/her speakers, you can’t play anything loud too – and if you want to listen to your music, you would have to bring your earphones. And at that luckiest time of my life, I lost my earphones.

Conveniently, an Elorde boxing gym opened just outside my village. So I tried it out, not really to get fit, but rather to tire myself out since I was having problems falling asleep when I get home in the mornings – probably because I get an LSS on senti songs or something. Boxing in the morning is much better than at night or in the afternoon mainly because there are less people. It is such a hassle to deal with those people who hog the speed ball or something. Anyway, there is usually this couple who boxes in the mornings. And the guy always asks the trainer to bring out a specific CD – yep, this chump has got a workout soundtrack. His playlist starts of with Smoke on the Water, Van Halen’s Jump, and the unforgettable Eye of the Tiger, and after that is a Metallica collection. How can you not get into a boxing mood without Eye of the Tiger? But every morning that I go boxing, He listens to the same damn CD. Once, his wife (or partner – I noticed that their last names are different in the log book) placed a 311/chillout CD before they did their stretching. But when he started boxing he just had to have his Rocky background music.


You can do me a favor and burn me a copy of your own soundtrack of your (about) 50 favorite songs. Since I have nothing new to listen to, I want to know your music (-- yes even you, who made me listen to Orson’s version of the Sugababes’ Push the Button). The catch? Well, you will have your own playlist in my iTunes and a special place in my heart. Hahaha!

Fine, I’ll treat you out to fastfood lunch.

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